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Play Magicka 2 Sneak Peek Right Now If You Preorder

Take the game's casting system for a spin before its May 26 release date.


Can't wait to get your hands on Magicka 2? If you're planning on buying the game as soon as it comes out, you can preorder it today to start playing right now.

"Knowing that Magicka 2 players will need to acclimatize themselves to the rampant, sociopathic team-killing of their fellow Wizards, Paradox is providing fans who preorder the game with a preview version of the game, along with previews for three friends," publisher Paradox Interactive said.

All preorders on PC and PlayStation 4 will let four players into the Sneak Peek, which started yesterday and will last through May 10.

The Sneak Peek includes the prologue, in which you'll learn how to use spells, the first mission of the campaign, and "The Festival," a challenge level in which the wizards compete for a high score by killing monsters.

Magicka 2 will release on PC and PS4 on May 26.

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