Play Logitech's Crowd-Developed Game Right Now

PC accessories manufacurer Logitech built a tower defense game with the input of fans over the course of several months.

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With the rise of crowdsourcing, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to design a video game using only the input of the masses. PX57 is a new game from PC peripheral manufacturer, Logitech, claims to be the "first-ever crowdsourced video game of its kind."

Originally announced last year, PX57 was designed by more than 12,000 votes and put together by people from developer Tiny Mantis and the New York University Game Center, a rather famous department known for taking on experimental game design projects. Director of NYU Game Center Frank Lantz said in a press release, "PX57 reflects the ideas and creative choices of everyone who was involved and we're excited to see it come to life."

The project came from Logitech's "Together We Game" promotion, which used community feedback from a subreddit to guide the game's production.

According to Logitech, PX57 is a traditional tower defense game. I downloaded it to play a few rounds, and it's rather unusual. PX57 has a resource management system that's a bit like Starcraft and other classic RTS games. You have teams of workers that continually build up your resources, and you have to protect them as well as your primary base.

The game rates you based on how well you did and then you can upload your score to a leaderboard and see how you stack up to others.

PX57 is free to download either from the official website, or the Apple App Store.

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