Play KFC's Ridiculous Baby-Flinging, Gun-Shooting Video Game Right Here

Colonel Quest.


Fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken has made a totally ridiculous video game, and you can play it right now in this post. The 8-bit-style game is called Colonel Quest, and it challenges players to complete a series of mini-games based on Colonel Sanders' (totally fake) life.

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This includes escaping a classroom, bouncing flying babies off a trampoline, and shooting your way out of a gas station gunfight, among other events that are definitely "historically accurate," KFC said in a press release (via Eater).

You can play the full game below. Or head to the Colonel Quest website for a full-size version.

This isn't the first video game from a restaurant, as Denny's previously partnered with Atari, while Burger King made a number of games, including Sneak King.

KFC released the game as part of a wider TV and online advertising campaign in which Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond plays the role of Colonel Sanders.

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