Play Halo 5, Earn These Holiday Emblems for a Limited Time

Fire up Halo 5 to claim your Spartan Claus and Candy Canes emblems.


Microsoft has a holiday gift for Halo 5 players. Everyone who plays the game this holiday season will get the Spartan Claus and Candy Canes emblems; here's what they look like:

By "holiday season," we assume this means at least Christmas-New Years. Those emblems look pretty rad, so hopefully everyone who wants them has time to claim them.

In other Halo 5 news, developer 343 announced the new Mythic Warzone Firefight map for this weekend--it's Attack on Sanctum. According to 343, it offers a major challenge.

For more on how other games are celebrating the holidays, check out GameSpot's roundup here.

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