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Play Fallout 76 Last Year? Fallout Classic Collection Is Now Free For You

Get your freebies.


It's no secret that the latest Fallout game got off to a rocky start when it launched in November--just read our Fallout 76 review for an overview of its issues. But developer Bethesda has promised to make it up to players. One way the company is doing that is by giving a copy of the Fallout Classic Collection on PC to anyone who played the full version of Fallout 76 on any platform in 2018.

So whether you dropped into the apocalyptic wasteland on PS4, Xbox One, or PC, you're now eligible for free copies of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel on PC. The collection is currently selling for $20 on Steam, so that's not a bad freebie (provided you have a Windows PC capable of running the games).

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To access the collection, you'll first have to download the Bethesda Launcher for PC. Then open it and sign into your account. Head to the Games menu, and you'll find your freebies in your account, ready to be installed.

The first Fallout is a turn-based RPG developed by Interplay that launched in 1997. The sequel, made by Black Isle Studios, landed the following year. The franchise didn't see another release until 2001's Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, which was developed by Micro Forté. All three games were well received at the time of release; you can read GameSpot's reviews below.

Fallout 76 recently got its first patch of the new year and contains over "150 fixes." Bethesda said the update would "address many issues raised by the community as well as continue focus on improving performance and stability."

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