Play EverQuest Offline

Toy Vault announces action figures based on Verant's popular multiplayer RPG.



Soon, gamers will be able to play one of last year's most popular role-playing games offline. But it's not a new gameplay or technological innovation that'll make Verant's EverQuest playable without a connection to the Internet - it's the introduction of a new line of action figures. Last week, Toy Vault, a manufacturer of licensed action figures and other toys, announced its plans to manufacture a number of figures based on EverQuest.

"It's not only the best online computer game on the market," said Toy Vault founder Jon Huston, "but it also has the most breathtaking selection of characters on which to base a successful line of high-quality action figures. Our fully articulated figures will be based on a scale of six feet to seven inches and remain faithful to the 3D style of the game."

Huston also stated that Toy Vault would be manufacturing action figures based on the upcoming EverQuest expansion pack, Ruins of Kunark. No pricing or availability information has been given out by Toy Vault yet.

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