Play Classic NES Mario, Zelda, and More With a 3D Diorama-Like Emulator

Now I want someone to make 3D dioramas of classic NES levels.


If you're tired of playing classic NES games in their normal 2D form, then maybe you'd be interested in an emulator that converts them into 3D. The emulator makes classic games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and Castlevania look like 3D dioramas that you can play through.

The 3DNes emulator, developed by Geod Studio, is currently in a beta stage and only works on Firefox at this time (via Ars Technica). It can make games like Mega Man and Contra look really cool in 3D, but it's still a little rough in spots, so there are plenty of visual glitches--it can be pretty difficult to make out the games at times. You can check out how they look in the video above.

One of the cool features allows players to move the diorama-like emulator's viewing angle around. It's not only for looks as you can leave it at a desired angle and play the game like that.

You can check out more videos of Geod Studio's progress on their YouTube channel.

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