Play Chipotle's Anti-GMO Space Invaders-Style Game

Taste Invaders.


As part of its campaign against genetically modified ingredients, restaurant Chipotle has launched a new game modeled after the iconic Space Invaders. Chipotle's game is called "Taste Invaders." In the game, you control a burrito instead of ship, shooting missiles at artificial ingredients such as Sodium Alginate and Polysorbate 80. There are even "Additive Mother Ships" in the form of pizza and hamburgers.

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"A galactic battle against artificial ingredients," is the game's tagline. You can play it right now in your browser.

This isn't the first time a restaurant has made its own video game. Earlier this year, KFC released an 8-bit-style game called Colonel Quest, challenging players to complete a series of mini-games based on Colonel Sanders' (totally fake) life. Before that, Denny's partnered with Atari, while Burger King made a number of games, including Sneak King.

For more on why Chipotle does not use genetically modified ingredients, check out this landing page.

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