Play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Free on PC This Weekend

Plus, full game discounted to $40 this weekend only.

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Now through Sunday, February 22, anyone with a Steam account can play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer mode for free.

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The PC free play weekend lets players try out all 13 of Advanced Warfare's base multiplayer maps. In addition, all multiplayer progress achieved during the weekend will carry forward to the full game if you decide to buy it.

Speaking of that, Activision has marked down Advanced Warfare on Steam to $40 this weekend only, while you can also pick up the Digital Pro Edition (which includes extra DLC and more) for $75. Those deals are good through the end of the weekend.

Advanced Warfare's Havoc DLC, originally released in January for Xbox platforms, comes to PC and PlayStation next week.

In other recent Call of Duty news, Activision has announced that this year's game will be developed by Call of Duty: Black Ops and Zombies creator Treyarch.

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Avatar image for ensabahnur16

This game is garbage that's why they are giving it away. I'll never buy a game from Sledgehammer again

Avatar image for deactivated-5b1fecf308e18

I tried it, it's terrible!

Thanks for letting me try for free, I cancelled my ps4 order.. I was waiting for stock to arrive this week, £34.99. Wouldn't pay £15 for it.

Thanks steam <3

Avatar image for tommytanker121

COD Black Ops was the last game I will ever buy from Activision. I think I paid $60 for that PoS.

Never again.

Avatar image for derceto

Tell you what Activision. You "almost" got me with this offer. When I see an offer where you pay me to play it? I'll get onboard. Keep at it though, you're getting there.

Avatar image for DarkLight748

Woooo, sounds like soooo much fun! I have never have the chance to play a game like that before!

Avatar image for rsiebelink

How does this "play free this weekend" work? The only option I see on my Steam is to buy the game, but not trying mp for free without any obligations

Avatar image for deactivated-5b1fecf308e18

<< LINK REMOVED >> you missed nothing!

Avatar image for drocdoc

Cod ghost was the last COD game im buying for my PC. I bought AW on my ps4/ps3 with the free digital upgrade it feels good to be able to play any gamemode, instead of tdm and dom...............

Avatar image for TeknoBug

Got AW for PS4 (paid only $24 thanks to old game trade-in) and traded it in almost 4 weeks later for $36 value, it's super repetitive, not a bad game and is improved over Ghosts, but repetitiveness is part of the CoD franchise these days. I enjoyed the classic playlists though, better than the jumping around all over. I don't think CoD is going to change anytime soon and unfortunately Battlefield is trying to be like CoD, Hardline is just plain terrible.

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

I have Battlefield 3, Far Cry3, Syndicate, Rage, Gotham City Impostors, Fear 1 and 2, the 2013 reboots of ROTT and Shadow Warrior, along with third person games like Max Payne 3, Just Cause 2, and Sniper Elite V2, etc... so no thanks.

Last time I played COD was Modern Warfare 2.

Avatar image for Narxes

Bad port, frame-rate drops, bad thanks.

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

<< LINK REMOVED >> COD isn't known for great graphics...

Avatar image for deactivated-5b1fecf308e18

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> or unique gameplay

Avatar image for phbz

Oh, just the multiplayer.

Avatar image for silversix_


Avatar image for ztron370

Make the game free.

Avatar image for iMpLuX

For those wondering about multiplayer, the PC multiplayer is dead due to NO Dedicated Servers. Only TDM and Moshpit get any kind of action. All other modes are completely dead. Steer clear if you want multiplayer on PC.

This is why this is now the 2nd free multiplayer weekend in as many months.

Avatar image for seanwil545


I don't understand why they don't just release editors and allow player hosted servers when these games start to die on PC.

Those two would revive nearly any game on PC. Titanfall for example would be an instant hit with editors and player hosted servers

...and server browsers!!!

Avatar image for Antipika

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> So you can buy overpriced map packs that's why. Same for dedicated servers, if you give players free access to servers then they can easily go rogue and do customization that the publisher does not want.

The more locked/gated is your product, the more profit publishers can directly squeeze from customers in a short time frame (the only thing that matters in the industry now).

A game like Titanfall would definitely be more alive if it could have receive the same level of support old CStrike or UT99 had back then. Same for CoD. Mods/custom maps and so on is what makes game live for decades on PC. CStrike/UT/Quake proved it.

But why would publishers want that when instead they can just release the n+1 iteration every year for $60? People are still buying it anyway.

Avatar image for Winchester01

<< LINK REMOVED >> Its not dead, I play Domination every day...

Avatar image for iMpLuX

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sorry, meant to include Domination. But still only 3 modes that get any ppl. On average, only 5K play AW on Steam daily. Sometimes it'll spike to 10K on the weekends, especially during a free weekend like now. At launch, there was over 35K playing AW. Dedicated servers are sorely missing.

PS4/X1 is where you want to play AW. Stick w/ BLOPSII on Steam. That gets more ppl consistently across more game modes than any other CoD game currently.

Avatar image for CapnXtraObvious

<< LINK REMOVED >> Wow, and on X1, it's the 2nd most played game, behind FIFA 15 and ahead of Destiny and GTA5.

Avatar image for dwispa

<< LINK REMOVED >> Thanks! I was wondering why this is the 2nd free Multiplayer weekend in the last few months

Avatar image for popin-shopin

<< LINK REMOVED >> I havent been able to even log in to the servers for over 2 months. all i get is an error saying "service is not available at this time"

Avatar image for Saidrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> as expected... all because developer stupidity