Play Battlefield 4 This Week To Unlock Hardline Multiplayer Beta Heist Mode

Latest community challenge tasks players with scoring 2 billion points in Rush mode to unlock the Heist mode for Hardline.

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Developer DICE has revealed the next Battlefield 4 community mission, and it includes a reward for the upcoming multiplayer beta for Battlefield Hardline.

Writing on the Battlefield Blog, DICE reveals that the reward for completing the mission is the unlocking of the Heist mode for Hardline's upcoming beta, which is due to launch soon on all platforms.

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The Battlefield 4 community mission starts today, January 21, and challenges players to work together to score 2 billion points in the game's Rush mode. The mission officially begins today at 9 AM PDT and runs through January 24 at 11:59 PDT.

Hardline's Heist mode sees robbers trying to destroy objectives and then escape with the cash inside. The police force, meanwhile, will try to stop them. You can read more about Heist mode here.

We recently learned a lot about the Hardline beta, but DICE has not yet announced when it will actually begin--though gamers shouldn't have to wait much longer.

In addition, DICE has announced that every Wednesday from now until March 17 (the day Hardline launches), the developer will give out in-game goodies to Battlefield 4 players. These include:

  • Gold Battlepacks
  • Community Missions
  • Hardline-themed Dog Tags
  • Exclusive wallpaper

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