Play Battlefield 4 Free On PC Right Now

You can play DICE's 2013 shooter free for 168 hours through Game Time promotion available now on Origin.

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DICE's 2013 shooter Battlefield 4 has returned to EA's "Game Time" promotion on Origin, meaning PC users can now play the game for free. EA is offering up seven days of free play, though that clock begins when you launch the game and continues when you're sleeping and eating.

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But don't worry, the time needed to download and install Battlefield 4 is not counted towards the 168 hours of free time. Once you get the game running, the clock will begin, and you'll be notified in-game with how much time you have left.

Gamers who decide to buy Battlefield 4 when the Game Time ends won't have to worry about starting over, as all of your progress will carry over. You can add Battlefield 4 to your Origin game library here.

Battlefield 4 is not the only game available now through Game Time, though its duration of 168 hours is by far the longest. Others include Respawn Entertainment's shooter Titanfall (48 hours) and role-playing game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (48 hours).

While it's not completely free, Xbox One owners with an EA Access membership ($5/month or $30/year) can currently play Battlefield 4 all they want without paying anything extra.

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