Play Batman vs Superman vs many other DC characters in Infinite Crisis' open beta on March 14

Arrow, Mecha Superman, and Aquaman join the fight.

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The DC Comics multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Infinite Crisis will start its open beta on March 14, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Turbine have announced.

Warner Bros. also said that it’s adding three new Champions to the game: Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Mecha Superman. That brings Infinite Crisis to a total of 27 playable characters by the time the open beta begins.

Infinite Crisis is set across the 52 universes of the DC multiverse. So far Turbine has shown steampunk and post-apocalyptic-themed stages and characters. The newly announced Mecha Superman, a gigantic robot constructed of a crashed Kryptonian space probe, is a fine example of some of the more esoteric DC characters in the game.

Much like in League of Legends, Infinite Crisis is free-to-play, giving you access to six Champions, three of which rotate out for new champions weekly.

Turbine, which was founded in 1994 and is also responsible for MMO The Lord of the Rings Online, recently announced some layoffs at the studio.

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