Play as Overwatch's Tracer in Street Fighter 5 With This Mod

Cammy gets a new look.


A new Street Fighter V mod brings Overwatch's Tracer to the game, albeit as a new skin, not an original character.

As seen in the video below (via VG247), Tracer is a new skin for Cammy developed by Patreon user THEJAMK. It's pretty spot-on, and not immediately apparent that this is the creation of a modder, as she seems to fit right into the Street Fighter V world. It's just a shame he isn't her own character with a unique moveset.

You can grab the mod for free here, though as always, you should be cautious about downloading anything online.

Street Fighter V has gone through something of a rough period since its launch earlier this year. Capcom hopes the big June update coming soon will help to rectify things to some extent by introducing a new character and a Story mode.

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