Play a virtual Rubik's Cube on the Google homepage today

Can you believe the Rubik's Cube is now 40 years old?


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Presumably to mark the 40th anniversary of the iconic puzzle game, Rubik's Cube, Google's homepage today features a virtual Rubik's Cube that you can spend your day today trying to solve.

You can rotate the interactive puzzle game by clicking in the area around it. Then click and drag inside the cube to place the tiles where you want them. Lets us know when you've solved it.

The interactive Rubik's Cube is today's Google Doodle. Though it will likely vanish from the Google homepage tomorrow, you should be able to return to it via the Google Doodle archive.

In 2010, Google launched a playable version of Pac-Man as a Google Doodle to mark the beloved franchise's 30th birthday. People reportedly spent 4.8 million hours that day playing it, and we can only imagine the impact today's interactive Rubik's Cube will have on workplace productivity.

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