Play a Bunch of Great Steam Games for Free This Weekend, Including XCOM

Fans of co-op games, especially, have a lot to look forward to.


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Steam is routinely home to "Free Weekend" events where you can download and play a game as much as you want for free over the course of a few days. This week will be home to not just one of these, but 10, in what Valve is calling the "largest 'Free Weekend' ever."

Lest you think that number is indicative of low-quality games being included, think again--there are some excellent games you'll be able to play (so long as you have a free Steam account). Company of Heroes 2 and XCOM, in particular, stand out to me, but you can't go wrong with most of these games. If co-op games are your thing, there are plenty for you and your friends to try out this weekend, including CoH2, Killing Floor, Payday 2, and Trine 2.

Calling this a Free Weekend isn't entirely accurate, as you won't have to wait until the weekend to start downloading and playing. You'll be able to do so beginning at 10 am Pacific on Thursday, October 16. Over the weekend, the games will be offered "at tremendous savings" should you decide you want to keep playing them after the promotion comes to an end.

Today's announcement doesn't mention when you'll be able to play until, but these promotions typically run until Monday morning at 10 am Pacific. We've followed up with Valve to find out if that's the case this weekend.

The full list of games:

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Avatar image for vixus_of_skyrim

XCOM EU is being given away free on Golden Joystick Awards. Grab one now while stocks last.

Avatar image for Kunakai

GMG are giving away XCOM: Enenmy Unknown for free if you vote on the Golden Joystick Awards. 5 minutes work for a £15:00 game! :D


(Not sure if this is offered internationally but it's available to the UK at least)

Avatar image for kwijeebou

<< LINK REMOVED >> Not sure if it's because I live in the US but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Just keeps telling me there was a minor issue blah blah blah. Checked the Terms & Conditions and it just says "The Participant should note that Regional restrictions may apply to the Free Game and the Promotion." So not sure if I'm just doing something wrong or if it's just not available to US. Ah well.

Avatar image for gplayer5

I would highly recommend company of heroes and XCOM. Both are excellent games.

Avatar image for darkprince2

Payday 1 is free tomorrow too and yours forever to keep. << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for grenadehh

Literally the only game on that list I don't own is Blade Symphony and I have no interest in online sword duels with people.

They weren't fun in Jedi Knight and still aren't a decade later with better net.

Oh and I couldn't give a damn about Injustice. These free weekends are increasingly extortion to buy early access games, just like last weekend with Space Engineers. Gee your friends will all be playing it and buy it like fools, so you can pay 11 dollars , or you can pay 20 if you have the audacity to make a rational decision and end up missing the sale.

Avatar image for foxbat_prime

I was hoping they were talking about the good Xcom not the dumbed down remake for consoles.

Avatar image for kagento

<< LINK REMOVED >> Try the Long War mod and come back ;)

Avatar image for nl_skipper

Sounds like it'll be my chance to finally pick up Don't Starve at a discount. May also give PayDay 2 shot, heard mixed things.

Avatar image for rmiller365

Xcom is one of my favorite games. I highly recommend it.

Avatar image for RC-Sev

I'll go with INJUSTICE

Avatar image for Hurvl

With my Steam backlog, I can already play great games for free. I bought them so long ago that the purchase doesn't have any effect on my economy and so they're essentially free now. I do like it when Steam offers you a free weekend on a game, especially since many games don't offer demos. You can play a lot more in one weekend than what any demo would allow you to do. I'm not interested in any of these games mentioned in the article, but it's great that it's such a varied and long list.

Avatar image for Acillatem1993

<< LINK REMOVED >> Thats true, this is way better than demos. Some games could even be beaten on this free weekend if you played a lot. Like Dishonored. xD

Avatar image for Hurvl

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'd never dishonor Dishonored by playing it for just one weekend, I believe I'd enjoy that game as much as The Witcher 2. I played the Witcher 2 during its free weekend, because I didn't know if my gaming laptop could handle it and I'd like Dishonored to get a free weekend for the same reason.

Avatar image for grenadehh

@Hurvl @Acillatem1993 Or literally just wait 5 weeks and I guarantee you dishonored goty will be on sale for 5 dollars. End of year holiday sale is 5 weeks away.

Avatar image for Hurvl

<< LINK REMOVED >> The DLC sounds great, so I'm definitely gonna go for the goty edition if I get the game.

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

I'm gonna play me some CoH2 then. I have a bunch of these games already.
May also give Injustice a whirl.

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

i wonder if i can beat XCOM before the weekend is over :P i also want to give blade symphony a go, just to get a feel of it, and depending on how busy my friend is (or isn't), i'll try out payday 2.

Avatar image for deth420

<< LINK REMOVED >> I am playing it for the 5th time. I found a sweet mod on nexus, that really over hauls the a good way

Avatar image for nl_skipper

<< LINK REMOVED >> Is it The Long War mod? I should try that myself sometime, but I'm a little intimidated lol...

Avatar image for deth420

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> yes it is. id say give it a try. they did a really good job re-balancing the game. few odd glitches, but nothing game breaking.

Avatar image for kagento

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Hell, that mod remakes the game in so many ways it really feels new... and I've discovered a new found hate towards the Seekers in this mod...

Avatar image for Freedomination

<< LINK REMOVED >> Fully depends on your difficulty setting. X-com is pretty short if you play it without meeting much resistance. If you just want to race through the game to see whats there and get a feel for the strategy a weekend should be enough. You wont be treated to that wonderful feeling of despair when everything suddenly goes very very wrong on ironman classic though.

Ironman impossible crushed my spirit...

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> i have no intention of playing it on the harder difficulties. it's just that the game's been sitting on my wish list for so long, i figured if i can play it free, i might as well :P

Avatar image for Freedomination

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> If thats teh way you would have played it anyway your getting to play through a great game for free, instead of buying it and feeling that it might be a bit short to be worth the price. I'd say thats a good deal :D

Avatar image for shahid0317

<< LINK REMOVED >> Payday 2 totally worth it and dont forget tommorow also free payday 1 and you will probly beat xcom before it over

Avatar image for grenadehh

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Assuming you can put up with how stupid some of the gameplay is and you are okay with being forced through cutscenes every time you restart a mission because a squad member died for no reason.

But then maybe y'all don't care about not losing team members.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

Interesting. I may check out some of these.