Platinum: PS3 Bayonetta 'our biggest failure'

Studio director Atsushi Inaba says version of 2010 action game for Sony platform was a major shortcoming, but not a "pointless failure."


Bayonetta 2

The PlayStation 3 version of Platinum Games' 2010 third-person action game Bayonetta won warm reviews, but was the studio's "biggest failure," according to director Atsushi Inaba. Speaking to Edge, the developer explained that Platinum decided against developing the game itself, and instead handed porting duties to an internal team at publisher Sega, which was ultimately a detriment to the game.

Inaba was none too pleased with the PS3 port of Bayonetta.
Inaba was none too pleased with the PS3 port of Bayonetta.

“The biggest failure for Platinum so far, the one that really sticks in my mind, is that port,” Inaba said. “At the time we didn’t really know how to develop on PS3 all that well, and whether we could have done it… is irrelevant: we made the decision that we couldn’t. But looking back on the result, and especially what ended up being released to users, I regard that as our biggest failure.”

Despite Inaba deeming the Bayonetta PS3 port a shortcoming for the studio, the situation was not without benefit. Inaba said it was not a "failure for nothing," adding that the Platinum decided to develop both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Vanquish in-house over a desire to "take responsibility for everything."

“We learned, so it wasn’t a pointless failure, but it was a failure nonetheless,” he said.

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