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Platinum Games' Delayed Sol Cresta Finally Arrives February 22

The shooter is a successor to a classic series from the '80s, and Hideki Kamiya is creative director.


Platinum Games' Sol Cresta was an unexpected project from the studio--to the point that it was believed to be an April Fool's Day joke at first--but the retro-inspired shooter is very real and will be here in less than a month. As revealed during a developer livestream, Sol Cresta will now arrive on February 22.

The stream, which took place over the weekend and also includes information on vertical mode for Nintendo Switch and a look at gameplay, comes about a month after the game's initial release date. Planned for December 9, 2021, the game was pushed to 2022, but now we know the new date wasn't actually that far away from its original one. Platinum Games' stream description said "technical problems" were responsible for the delay.

Hideki Kamiya, who is perhaps the most famous game developer working at Platinum Games, served as chief game designer and creative director on Sol Cresta. The game is a spiritual successor to another shooter, Moon Cresta, which released almost 42 years ago. That game got its own series of sequels, and it's included in the upcoming Astro City Mini V arcade system alongside loads of other great shoot-'em-up games.

Sol Cresta is far from the only game Platinum Games has in the works, either. The studio is also making the long-awaited Bayonetta 3 as a Nintendo Swith exclusive, as well as the cooperative action game Babylon's Fall. The latter includes members of the Nier development team, including producer Yasuke Saito.

Sol Cresta will hit Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC on February 22. Check out the full video above for more information and a glimpse of gameplay.

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