Platform Puzzler Wildfire Launches On Consoles This Week

It's a stealth platformer worth checking out.


Wildfire, a slow-going platformer where fire is your best friend, launches on consoles this week. Its bite sized levels require you to find the best way to get from one point to another while completing various missions.

The Sneaky Bastards-developed stealth sidescroller originally launched on Steam in May and is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on December 3. It'll cost $14.99 on all platforms.

There's a good variety of mission types.
There's a good variety of mission types.

Wildfire puts you in the shoes of a villager who's town is burnt to a crisp by a "villainous force" of strange Amazonian women. You must find and saved your friends who have been captured by completing short, Celeste-like levels that are connected by an overarching narrative.

What makes Wildfire special are its burning mechanics. Your character is given special environmental powers, including the ability to control both water and fire. Every level is full of burnable terrain like bushes, vines, wooden bridges, barricades and more. You can try and get through levels quietly by hiding in bushes and dodging enemies or you can burn through levels, leaving no survivors. The game gives you plenty of choices in terms of how you want to play.

Wildfire has gorgeous pixel visuals.
Wildfire has gorgeous pixel visuals.

You'll earn points you can use to learn new abilities, like the ability to bounce fire off walls and use flames to double jump, as you progress. Levels will become more complex to match your abilities. Outside technical issues, including a lot of slow down at certain points on Nintendo Switch, there aren't many difference between the console and PC versions of the game.

Wildfire launched to high praise from critics in May for how dynamic the burning mechanics felt. It's a game full of fun little moments (you get to play as a bobcat!) that's unlike other platformers.

Disclaimer: Dan Hindes, the creator of Wildfire, is a former editor of GameSpot.

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