Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Confirmed at E3 2015

Garden Warfare 2 brings new plant and zombie types to the shooter.


Electronic Arts announced Plants vs. Zombie: Garden Warfare 2 at the Xbox E3 2015 conference today. A pre-rendered cinematic trailer showed various plants and zombies in combat with each other. New plants shown included a corn firing kernels in the same fashion as a sub-machine gun and an orange wearing shades.

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New zombies shown include the Imp class, who is the smallest and fastest zombie and can fire bullets in a 360-degree spray. Superbrains is a new zombie melee class who can spin his body to do damage. Finally Captain Deadbeard was shown, who is the first zombie sniper class.

The imp was able to call in a large mech, Titanfall-style, piloting the machine to fight a harder wave of plants. The battle--taking place in the new Graveyard Ops mode where you play as the zombies--finished with a warning to all zombies on the field to evacuate to the landing zone, much like in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare's Garden Ops mode. EA confirmed that single-player is available, with AI-controlled squadmates able to make up the ranks.

The game is a sequel to 2014's Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. It will be released in Spring 2016 for the Xbox One and PC. EA strongly hinted that the game was coming during a recent conference call with investors.

For more on what went down at the Xbox E3 2015 conference, check out the replay.

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