Plants vs. Zombies chomping DS in January

Undead-themed tower defense game planned for Nintendo's handheld early next year with exclusive content; Xbox Live Arcade and retail versions out next month.


PopCap Games' Plants vs. Zombies was released on the PC and Mac just over a year ago. Since then it has spawned iPhone and iPod Touch versions and has a date on the Xbox 360, both at retail and through Xbox Live Arcade. Now, the undead plant-chomping game's ambitions are continuing to grow.

Today PopCap Games announced that a Nintendo DS version of the acclaimed tower defense game will arrive in January 2011. The publisher did not provide a more specific release window but did note that the title will bear a $19.95 price tag.

Xbox 360 version pictured.
Xbox 360 version pictured.

The DS edition will include every game mode found in the original version, as well as minigames and exclusive content. PopCap Games did not specify further as to what the system-exclusive content will be, and a publisher representative told GameSpot, "I’m afraid that’s all we’re reporting at the moment."

PopCap also provided additional details for the Xbox 360 version of the game, saying Plants vs. Zombies for XBLA will cost gamers 1,200 Microsoft points, or $15. It will feature two new multiplayer modes, 12 achievements, and 21 minigames unique to the console version. Plants vs. Zombies for XBLA will arrive on September 8.

Additionally, the title will feature a new way for friends to track and share progress with each other over Xbox Live. The new social connectivity measures come in the form of customizable houses, which players can visit.

And for those wishing to pick up the game at physical establishments, PopCap has two Plants vs. Zombies bundles to consider. Plants vs. Zombies with bundled copies of Peggle and Zuma will arrive on a disc at retail September 28, and a new boxed "Game of the Year" edition of the PC/Mac original is now available.

For more on the original PC and Mac installment of Plants vs. Zombies, check out GameSpot's review.

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