PlanetWeb Introduces Chat Client

Internet Relay Chat comes to Internet appliances everywhere courtesy of PlanetWeb's Browser Software.


PlanetWeb, whose browser software is packed in with such Internet appliances as Sega's NetLink, is set to unveil a new addition to its software package: chat.

Internet Relays Chat (IRC) lets people from across the country and across the world chat about various topics, all in one community over "channels." Until now, IRC required specialized client software.

Internet appliances, such as WebTV and Sega's NetLink, didn't have the ability to chat over IRC - until now. The software now lets users connect with ease to virtually any IRC compatible chat server, such as EF Net or DAL Net.

"We want to give people more bang for their buck when it comes to surfing the Web from their television." said Kamran Elahian, the chairman and CEO of PlanetWeb. "We leverage the benefits of existing consumer electronic products, such as video game systems, with the strength of our standards compatible software. Once again, PlanetWeb is leading the way by offering the first IRC chat solution without the expense and complications of a personal computer."

PlanetWeb and Sega will be showing off the new IRC software at E3 later this week.

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