PlanetSide updates coming

Sony Online reveals plans for upcoming changes to its sci-fi online action game.



Sony Online added new vehicles and features to PlanetSide in the first month after the game's release and has a number of other changes and additions to the game in the works. In the next few weeks, the base-capture process will undergo a significant change, becoming more like capture the flag. Instead of being required to hang around a base while waiting for a base hack to complete, players will have to capture a base's lattice logic unit and take it to a nearby friendly facility.

In August, the designers will fully roll out the system of facility link benefits, which means that controlling a given type of facility will provide certain benefits at other nearby friendly bases. The benefits are as follows: The bio laboratory will reduce respawn penalties by 50 percent, the technology plant will make advanced vehicles available at linked bases, the amp station will let vehicles recharge their shields when in the courtyard of a linked base, the dropship center will provide access to repair and rearming pads at linked bases, and the interlink facility significantly improves the effectiveness of the player's basic radar and of phalanx wall turrets.

Another upcoming feature is outfit base ownership, which means player groups can stake a claim for a friendly base and get certain benefits, notably the ability to quickly recall to the base. Owned bases will also prominently display the controlling outfit's logo. The game will also include an enemy-density warning feature, which is designed to help soldiers that hang back to defend friendly territory by alerting them when enemies start concentrating in a nearby area.

For more details on PlanetSide, visit the official Web site and read our full review of the game.

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