PlanetSide improvements coming soon

The official PlanetSide site posts a list of improvements being made to the massively multiplayer online action game in the near future.



Sony Online Entertainment's official PlanetSide Web site has today posted a lengthy list of improvements and gameplay tweaks that are being implemented in the game over the course of the next two weeks along with a few new features that'll become evident a little further down the line. In addition to the introduction of two new vehicles that we reported on just last week, new features will include orbital strikes, EMP blasts, an uplink capability for highly ranked characters that allows them to see the positions of all enemies, and tower silos.

PlanetSide is a massively multiplayer online action game in which thousands of players can simultaneously fight in an ongoing war between three factions. For more information on PlanetSide, check out our full review of the game.

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