PlanetSide enlists Platoons

Massively-multiplayer sci-fi shooter adds new battle-coordination feature.


Gamers who've sampled PlanetSide know that trying to go it alone in the massively-multiplayer sci-fi shooter is suicide.

Today, Sony Online Entertainment announced a new feature to make co-op play even deadlier. The new Platoons feature will let gamers assemble and coordinate in squads of up to 30, enabling mass assaults and defenses of facilities, as well as improved group communication during the din of battle.

Platoons is available as part of the latest PlanetSide patch. More information is available at the official PlanetSide site.

The Platoon feature comes just two weeks before the new PS expansion, PlanetSide: Core Combat, goes on sale. PS: CC will let players explore an underground labyrinth packed with alien artifacts which will aid them in the game's eternal conflict.

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