Planet Coaster Adds Ghostbusters DLC And More On Console This Week

New DLC is headed to the console edition of Planet Coaster this week themed around the Ghostbusters franchise and movies in general.


The theme park game Planet Coaster: Console Edition is getting new DLC packs themed around Ghostbusters and another based on other movie-themed content.

Ghostbusters DLC

Due out later this week, the Ghostbusters DLC pack comes with one new flat ride, one new coaster, and a variety of decorations and other Ghostbusters-themed content. The new ride is called the Ghostbusters Experience, and it puts players into the ECTO-1 as they try to capture as many ghosts as possible. The new coaster is called RollerGhoster, and it's a children's ride where the Slimer takes guests around a track.

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There are "hundreds" of new scenery pieces and sounds that players can use to customize their park around Ghostbusters as well. These include a very tall Stay Puft marshmallow man and haunted hotels. There is also a narrative campaign element to the DLC pack that even has Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton lending their voices to reprise their characters, Raymond Stantz and Walter Peck.

This content has been available on PC for a year already, but it's only just now coming to the console edition of Planet Coaster.

The Studios Pack

As for the Studios Pack, this is themed around the movies. There are Wild West props, zombies animatronics, and vehicles that flip over to simulate an action scene. There is also a train that races off the tracks and scares nearby guests. Some of the new props include green screens, cameras, and clapperboards.

A new ride, Big Screen Tour, is also included in the Studios Pack. "Big Screen Tour is the Hollywood backlot tour experience brought to life, as powered buses with adjustable lengths bring guests face to face with elements from the silver screen," reads a line from its description.

Another new ride is Re-Motion, which puts players into "pods" controlled by a robotic arm that can move with 360 degrees of freedom. The final new ride is Horror Heights, which is a Tower of Terror-like ride where players fall multiple storeys very quickly.

The Ghostbusters DLC costs $15 while the Studios Pack will sell for $10. Both expansions are scheduled to launch across PlayStation and Xbox on April 29.

Anyone who buys the Ghostbusters of Studios DLC on console and any Ghostbusters movie will get a $5 Xbox gift card in the US and Canada; this promotion is good until May 12.

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