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PixelJunk Eden 2 Coming Next Week

The sequel to Q-Games' 2008 classic is just around the corner, according to a Nintendo UK listing.


PixelJunk Eden 2 hasn't received much attention since it was casually announced during a Nintendo Direct, but now the game appears closer than we realized. The sequel will be here on December 10.

The release date was dropped on the Nintendo UK site. The game's official Twitter account later confirmed the date.

When it was announced, Q-Games said you'd guide your Grimp through stages that will be generated in real-time based on your actions. This is similar to the first game, which had you swinging through stages, but those were pre-made. In fact, one of the criticisms in GameSpot's PixelJunk Eden review was that requiring you to gather five spectra from unchanging stages made the experience repetitive.

Q-Games produced several PixelJunk games around a decade ago, including PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Shooter. The series went dormant for a long while after that, until recently when PixelJunk Monsters 2 released in 2018.

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