#PitchYaGame Contest Saw Thousands Of Devs Pitch Some Incredible Looking Games

A recent contest saw thousands of indie devs give their best elevator pitches via Twitter, and we've rounded up some of our favorites.


Using the #PitchYaGame, thousands of indie developers tweeted out pitches for their games on November 2 as part of a social media contest, and the results are astounding.

The hashtag came about as part of the #PitchYaGame Awards, an initiative founded by Liam Twose to have indie game creators get their moment in the spotlight and potentially win a cash prize, should their pitch be selected. The #PitchYaGame Awards started in 2020, with the most recent award period having concluded back in June 2021.

There is no arguing with the results. According to Twose, around 1100-1300 games were shared with the hashtag, and some real gems look to have shined through. Twose, along with other members of the #PitchYaGame Awards team, will now start sifting through all the pitches to select the winners, which will be announced during an awards show at a later date.

Even from just browsing the hashtag on Twitter for a few minutes, it's clear there are tons of incredible looking games worthy of attention. Below are a few of our favorites that look to have gained some traction based on the number of retweets and likes they received.

The trippy multiplayer FPS Spaceflux clearly made an impression, and is currently available on Steam in early access.

Demon Spore, a twinstick shooter in which you play as a lab scientist attempting to fend off an experiment gone wrong, also looks fantastic.

Low-poly racer Szrot looks to put the spotlight on Eastern European car culture.

The Punch-Out inspired Big Boy Boxing looks pixel-perfect.

Little Kitty, Big City is almost too adorable for words.

Wander Stars is a turn-based RPG where you use words to form unique attacks, and it isn't shying away from its 90s anime aesthetic.

First-person puzzler Botany Manor sees players growing mysterious plants to solve puzzles.

The combo-focused roguelite Morbid Metal brings some serious action.

The list could go on and on. Many of the games pitched on Twitter can already be wishlisted on Steam or in some instances are already available in some form. From 2D platformers to open world adventures, dating sims to tactical RPGs, the pitches look to have encompassed nearly every genre and style. Regardless of which games eventually win the actual #PitchYaGame Awards, it seemed to be a great way for small indie developers to get eyes on their projects, and potentially attract publishers in the process.

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