Pirates of the Caribbean Online dry-docked

Disney's family-friendly MMOG based on film franchise won't embark until this fall.


In January, Disney Online revealed its upcoming massively multiplayer online game based on the classic Pirates of the Caribbean amusement park ride and classic-in-waiting film franchise would have a decidedly unpirate-like method for plundering players' pockets. Instead of ransoming gaming rights outright at $9.95 a month, a limited-access, ad-supported version of the game would also be available. At that time, the publisher noted the MMOG's sails would unfurl come spring 2007, presumably in time for the film trilogy's May 25 theatrical conclusion.

However, it would seem the sea is indeed a cruel mistress. Now a few weeks into summer, Disney today has sent word that Pirates Online will be dry-docked until this fall. Citing the need for additional development time, the publisher plans to wrap up the game's first beta phase by mid-July and will commence its second phase come September. Disney has plans for various community outreach efforts and monthly developer diaries. Updates for these can be found on the game's Web site.

Pirates of the Caribbean has not yet been rated. However, given the publisher's intent to cater to a wide user base and family-friendly crowd, the graphic banditry will most likely be kept to a minimum.

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