Pilotwings Resort flying Down Under April 14

Nintendo gives its Pilotwings flight training series a 3D makeover, launching in Australia in mid-April.

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From its Super Nintendo debut to its Nintendo 64 follow-up, the Pilotwings series has been teaching generations of gamers the joys of flying. Back after a long break, the series has a new instalment for the soon-to-be-released Nintendo 3DS that will let players experience flight simulation in three dimensions.

The game is set over the tropical Wuhu Island and will employ a few new tricks to allow the 3D depth to shine through: this time around, players will be able to play with their Mii characters (made in the Mii Maker) and will have the option of soaring, gliding, or rolling around the island exploring or racing against the clock in aerial missions.

Pilotwings Resort is coming to the 3DS.
Pilotwings Resort is coming to the 3DS.

According to Nintendo, each aircraft has its own unique set of controls, and as players complete missions, their Mii characters will progress from novice pilot to higher classes, unlocking new missions and features.

There's also free flight mode, which will let players uncover collectibles around the island and unlock different times of day, dioramas, and new aircraft. The game will also allow players to take 3D photos via the 3DS and save them to the console's SD card.

Pilotwings Resort will launch April 14, 2011, in Australia for the Nintendo 3DS with an SRP of AU$69.95.

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