Pillars of Eternity's Next Expansion Gets Release Window

Celebrate the New Year with The White March - Part II.


The next expansion for PC RPG Pillars of Eternity, the second part of The White March, will launch in late January 2016, developer Obsidian Entertainment has announced. A specific release date has not yet been decided, the developer said in a post this week in the studio's forums.

Vithrack Brute
Vithrack Brute

Alongside the release window announcement, Obsidian has also shared more details and images of the expansion's two new Vithrack classes: brutes and luminaries.

"While brutes build and feed the colony, luminaries are its scholars and historians," it said. "Both varieties can be formidable foes for adventurers who encroach upon their territory."

Vithrack Luminary
Vithrack Luminary

Pillars of Eternity's first expansion, The White March - Part 1, was released in August and you can read GameSpot's review here. The Pillars of Eternity main game recently reached 500,000 copies sold.

In other Pillars of Eternity news, the game's official soundtrack is now available to buy from places like Amazon and iTunes. It is also available through streaming platforms like Spotify.

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