Pillars of Eternity Dev's PC-Exclusive Tyranny Reveals a New Faction

Obsidian shares new details about the Scarlet Chorus.


Tyranny, the new RPG from Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment, puts players in a world like PoE's, but where evil has triumphed. Through your journey, you'll encounter and be able to ally with various factions, one of which has been more fully detailed today.

Like the other factions in the game, the Scarlet Chorus serves Kyros, who rules the land. But unlike the others, this one relies on its sheer numbers as its strength, as opposed to having the best-trained or best-equipped soldiers. It recruits from those it defeats, offering to turn former enemies into conscripts (or slowly killing anyone who declines). Those who join shed their former names and adopt new, rather uncreative ones like Three-Fingers or Gaptooth.

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A handful of groups comprise the Scarlet Chorus, each with its own leader who can be challenged for their position by anyone at any time. (The entirety of the Scarlet Chorus is led by the Voices of Nerat, who, despite the name, is a single individual.) Obsidian shared further descriptions of each of the five gangs with GameSpot, which you can see below. You can also check out images of each of these and the Voices of Nerat himself in the gallery above.

  • The Horde: The Horde comprises the majority of the Scarlet Chorus. The unwashed, untrained masses fighting to earn their names. When a new conscript joins the Chorus, they must fight for everything. Food, water, shelter, even a weapon to attack the enemy with. All must be earned. The weak die quickly, and the strong rise to become gang bosses.
  • Blood Hounds: Blood Hounds are apprentice mages too weak or undisciplined to channel arcane energy via the sigils of mastery. Instead, they channel their energy directly, leaking a powerful--yet deadly--aura of energy called 'the Bleed.' This energy is corrosive to life, even the Blood Hounds themselves. The strongest of Blood Hounds can channel this energy to powerful ranged attacks.
  • Scarlet Furies: Scarlet Furies are the elite fighters of the Scarlet Chorus, trained to ignore pain and wounds to kill their targets. Fast and lethal, Furies dual wield weapons in a spinning, acrobatic attack style to confuse and disorient their foes.
  • Blood Chanters: Blood Chanters are the magical arm of the Scarlet Chorus. Using fire magic stolen from conquered mages, and spells of fear and frenzy gained from studying the captive Archon of Song, these lethal mages can both demoralize and devastate their opponents. They are feared as much by their fellow Choirmen as they are by their enemies.
  • The Crimson Spears: The Crimson Spears are the personal gang of the Voices of Nerat. They answer only to the Archon, and can command the obedience--if not the loyalty--of any other gang within the Scarlet Chorus. No one knows what draws the eye of the Voices, what makes him choose a gang member to become a Crimson Spear. Whatever his reasons, he grants his Spears special training in weapons and magic. They are easily the most lethal fighters within the Chorus.

Tyranny was first announced earlier this year and then shown off more at E3. It doesn't yet have a release date, but is slated to be out on PC before the end of the year.

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