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Pillars Of Eternity: Complete Edition Coming To Consoles, Launching August 29

Classic isometric RPG gameplay on consoles


It's been an exciting year for Obsidian Entertainment. With Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire on the way, and new DLC for Tyranny coming later this year, the developers behind some rather dense isometric RPG games are cranking out some quality games that you can really sink your teeth into. But now, we can expect another title from Obsidian and Paradox Interactive ready for release this year. The publisher has just announced that the original Pillars of Eternity will be making its way to Xbox One and PS4 on August 29 with Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition.

In the Complete Edition, players who missed out on the original PC release will be able to experience the entirety of Pillars Of Eternity, including all expansions and updates--such as level cap increases, new difficulty modes, and balance tweaks. Ported over to consoles by Paradox Arctic, the developers and publisher worked closely with Obsidian to ensure that the move to consoles retained many of the core elements of the original game, which had to go through some changes to fit the new platforms.

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Its publisher, Paradox Interactive, states that a lot of work went into the creation of this port, and that it was all designed to ensure for comfort and accessibility.

"Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition goes beyond just offering everything together. Paradox Arctic has thoroughly updated the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the award-winning RPG for play with a controller, and have entirely redesigned the UI for easy viewing on televisions. Players will be able to easily navigate the game's detailed character creation, real-time-with-pause combat, and party management from their couches thanks to new TV-friendly menus and controls."

Set for launch on August 29 for $50, Paradox and Obsidian are ready to keep the CRPG titles coming--and with a new audience for the game, there's definitely looking to be an influx of new players ready to explore the world of Eora very soon. For more info on Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition, check out my hands-on impressions from E3 2017, where I learned just what exactly they changed to make Pillars of Eternity work on consoles.

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