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Pikmin Bloom St. Patrick's Day Event Lets Players Find The Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

Pikmin will be looking over a four-leaf clover in this new holiday-themed update.


Pikmin Bloom players will be feeling the luck of the Irish this weekend, as Niantic has announced a St. Patrick's Day-themed event beginning today.

The event--which runs March 17 to March 20--will add new four-leaf clover items to the game, including new Decor Pikmin sporting the lucky plant, by growing huge seedlings while walking with their Pikmin. Only one "Special Event" huge seedling can be in a player's inventory, however, so if you want to look over multiple four-leaf clovers, you'll need to grow them one at a time.

Four-leaf clovers will be coming to Pikmin Bloom just in time for St. Paddy's Day.
Four-leaf clovers will be coming to Pikmin Bloom just in time for St. Paddy's Day.

The full details for the event are as follows:

  • "Special Event" Huge Seedlings: Players can grow specially-marked huge seedlings into the new Clover Decor Pikmin.
  • Rare Growth Opportunity: Specially-marked huge seedlings have a chance to grow into the Four-leaf Clover Decor Pikmin
  • Event Bonus: While the event is live, the chance of growing the Four-leaf Clover Decor Pikmin is increased.

Pikmin Bloom is the first direct collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo, following the developer's previous partnership with The Pokemon Company for Pokemon Go. It is available to download now on both iOS and Android devices.

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