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Pikmin 4 Release Date, Early Details, And Everything We Know

Pikmin 4 is real, and it's actually coming in 2023. Probably.


Following years of speculation, famed producer Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed in September that Pikmin 4 is in active development for Nintendo Switch and on the way soon. The latest in the line of puzzle-adventure games is still very much a mystery, but we can glean a little from its debut presentation. Here's everything we know about Pikmin 4.

Announcement teaser

So far, almost everything we know about Pikmin 4 comes from one brief teaser, no more than half a minute of which was in-engine footage, as part of a Nintendo Direct presentation that debuted on September 13, 2022. That footage showed some serene nature scenes like a butterfly flitting off a flower, as well as some ground-eye perspectives at man-made structures like a bench or a brick patio. The last shot was also the first indication that we were even looking at a Pikmin game, as it showed a sleeping Bulbmin chilling out near the structures.

In a brief comment following the footage, Miyamoto explained that while the company wouldn't be showing gameplay footage yet, he could say that this game will allow you to play from a lower perspective, closer to the ground, to give you a Pikmin's perspective. He also said that the Switch has made it easier to control the Pikmin, for an experience they've nicknamed "dandori" in Japan--which means strategically deploying and commanding your Pikmin.


Our first indication of Pikmin 4 came back in 2015, when Miyamoto casually referenced a follow-up to Pikmin 3 being in development. Since then, though, Nintendo went almost entirely silent regarding the game, with only occasional reassurances that development was still progressing. In the interim, we've gotten both Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch and Pikmin Bloom, an AR game for mobile devices. Pikmin 3 Deluxe included features like additional side stories, co-op story progress, and other quality-of-life improvements.

Release date

Pikmin 4 is scheduled to release in 2023, but no specific date or window has been given yet.


Preorders for Pikmin 4 have not opened yet.

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