Pikmin 3 delayed again

Wii U strategy game now expected August 4; new flying Winged Pikmin revealed.


High-profile upcoming Wii U game Pikmin 3 has been delayed again. Nintendo announced the news today, slating the strategy game to ship August 4 in stores and through the eShop.

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Pikmin 3 was originally slated for release during the Wii U launch window (by March 31, 2013), but was later pushed to the April-June quarter.

No rationale for this latest delay was provided.

Noted Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto explained last month that the games he works on tend to get delayed, and this is no different for Pikmin 3.

"And in my mind, there's really two kinds of games: games that get delayed and then there's games that sort of shift [laughs]," he said at the time. "I'm sorry. I know everybody is waiting for it."

Nintendo also today revealed a new Pikmin for the game: the flying Winged Pikmin, which follows players can and can carry items in the air.

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