Pikmin 2 details

Nintendo releases the first gameplay information on its colorful strategy sequel. New screens inside.


Pikmin 2

Nintendo has today updated its official E3 Web site with information on Pikmin 2, the sequel to Shigeru Miyamoto's innovative real-time strategy game that was released back in 2001. Players will once again assume the role of Olimar, who, this time around, has deliberately returned to the planet inhabited by the Pikmin rather than crash-landing on it. The reason for his return is that the company he works for is going bankrupt, and so, along with his assistant, he's hoping to clear the debt of 10,000 pokos by enlisting the help of the Pikmin to salvage treasure buried on their planet.

Pikmin 2 will do away with the time limits of the first game and will introduce new colors of Pikmin and cooperative play for two players. In the single-player game, players will be able to alternate between controlling Olimar and his currently unnamed assistant. We'll bring you more information on Pikmin 2 when we report live from E3 in LA next month.

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