Pigbaby wins WCS America beating Bomber in a 7-game series

Pigbaby fell behind in the first few games but managed to come back in a spectacular way.


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The World Championship Series in StarCraft 2 came to an end yesterday and what an end it was. What turns out to be an amazing finale for the players became one of the best series in StarCraft 2 history. If you wanted to see a base trade, a tried-to-force tie-breaker or a Tempest counterplay, you will have not been disappointed.

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For Pigbaby it's his first big tournament win ever and it's one that he'll never forget. Pigbaby went 2-0 in the groups for the round of 32, finished second in the group stage of the round of 16. From then he crossed paths with TaeJa and HyuN before meeting Bomber in the epic 7-game final.

Bomber opened the series with a win but Pigbaby took one back straight away. Bomber responded with 2 victories putting Pigbaby in dire straits. Pigbaby had to win his next match to force the series into the next match and he did. With every game needing to turn into a victory for Pigbaby, both players threw everything they had at each other. Alterzim Stronghold, being the 6th map, came to a showdown where Pigbaby ended up without a Nexus and Bomber having only a Command Center and a Barracks in the air with no other units. Bomber desperately tried to find dark spots on the map to hide so he could force a tie but unfortunately he picked the wrong spot which cost him the game. In the aftermath, the place where he hid his Command Center would have been the spot where he should have hid his Barracks to force the tie.

In the last match of the series, Bomber lifted off immediately going to the sweet gold spot, a strategy known to be hard to counter and one that Bomber used previously to defeat Alicia. However, Pigbaby was ready for it and rushed Tempests. Bomber was not able to cope with the Tempest rush and after not too long conceded to Pigbaby.

Pigbaby takes home 2000 WCS points with this win, together with a not too shabby 25,000 $ cash prize. Congratulations to him and thanks to both for an epic fight!

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