Phoenix Wright sequel briefed for Europe

The spiky-haired lawyer brings his own brand of justice to European handhelds on March 16.


The next Phoenix Wright game will be coming to the DS in Europe in March--unless there are any objections. The new game, titled Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All, was released in the US on January 16 to good reviews and had previously been listed on the European Q1 Nintendo release schedule as undated.

The first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game proved to be a huge success, and a third instalment in the series is already planned.

The new game is set six months after the ending of the previous title and features four new cases for the lawyer to play, along with a new Psyche-lock feature, which Phoenix uses to break down a suspect's trail of lies and inconsistencies. The game will retail at 40 euros (£30 in the UK).

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