Phoenix Wright ordered back in stores

Hard-to-find courtroom DS game being restocked in retail; Capcom says decision was made based on "demand."


Gamers and lawyers don't always have the best relationships. However, one barrister appears to have won the affection of DS owners enough to see him get a second chance in stores. Capcom's Phoenix Wright enjoyed a short stint in retail before its stock ran low and its supply wasn't replenished. Some gamers screamed "objection!" at the lack of copies of the game, which was first released on the DS in October.

Supply and demand can do tricky things to a game's price, and soon the game began appearing on online auction sites with a price tag nearly triple the $29.99 SRP.

Much to the chagrin of secondhand retailers, Capcom has responded to gamers' appeals and decided to bring Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney back to stores. A Capcom representative today told GameSpot that the company is shipping more units and that gamers "interested in purchasing a copy should check with their store," implying that Internet reports that the game is now back in stores are true.

As of press time, online retailers and did not have the game in stock. However, some forum posters have claimed to see the game in stores again as well as on online retail site NCS for $35.

In Phoenix Wright, gamers investigate crime scenes and defend clients in the courtroom. For more information on the T-for-Teen-rated game, read GameSpot's verdict.

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