Phoenix Wright indicting DS again

Third time's the charm for Capcom's spiky-haired lawyer, who will return in September with an all-new case.


SAN FRANCISCO--One of the announcements coming out of last night's Capcom Gamers' Day appeals to a narrow niche audience: Nintendo DS owners with a taste for legal proceedings who don't mind shouting at their handhelds in public.

To the surprise of few, Capcom's popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is returning for another installment. Due out this September, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations will be the third installment in the series to reach North American shores. No rating or pricing is yet available.

Like previous installments in the series, Trials and Tribulations will see the titular litigator take on his most difficult case yet against a new and sinister prosecutor named Godot. Aiding him will be the plucky young Maya Fey and the master lawyer Mia Fey, Wright's former mentor.

During the course of the game, players will play as both Fey and Wright, revisiting the former's early days and taking on Godot in the present as the latter. Gameplay will remain much the same, with two phases: an investigation phase, where players survey crime scenes and gather evidence, and a court phase, where Wright gets his cross-examination on.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations also features the same gameplay mechanics as previous entries in the series. Players can crack witnesses using the Psyche-Lock System, in which they wear down the witness with a barrage of questions. Last but not least, the voice-activated "objection!" and "hold-it!" commands also return.

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