Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney holding court on WiiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Capcom's courtroom drama joined by Chronos Twins DX, ShadowPlay; DSi picks up Touch Solitaire, Jazzy Billiards, Word Searcher.

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Capcom placed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the WiiWare docket last week, and today Nintendo fleshed out the remainder of its weekly update for the Wii's and DS's online stores. Joining Capcom's dynamic defender on the Wii's original game service will be a fantasy adventure from EnjoyUp Games and a puzzler from Deep Fried Entertainment, while the DSi picks up solitaire, billiards, and a new word search.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be the first in a trio of Capcom's courtroom dramas to appear on Nintendo's online platform for the Wii. The game will include the first four cases found in the original Game Boy Advance installment for 1,000 Wii points ($10), with the fifth case found in 2005's acclaimed DS edition available in May for an additional 100 Wii points ($1).

EnjoyUp's Chronos Twins DX presents a dual gameplay mechanic, in which players control two different scenarios that play out on the top and bottom half of a screen. Available for 1,000 Wii points ($10), the game features elements from a variety of genres, including platforming and puzzle-solving. Deep Fried's ShadowPlay clocks in at 800 Wii points ($8) and lets gamers solve more than 100 puzzles by manipulating shadows into a variety of objects.

Phoenix Wright is a known finger-pointer.
Phoenix Wright is a known finger-pointer.

Nintendo's Touch Solitaire joins the DSi Shop for 200 DSi points ($2). The digital edition of the classic card game offers two variants: Spider, where suits are matched up in a single vertical pile from King to Ace, and Klondike, where suits are sorted into four piles. Aksys' Jazzy Billiards brings 9-ball pool to the DSi for 500 DSi points ($5), while Digital Leisure releases the vocabulary-sleuthing Word Searcher for the same price.

Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye represents the sole Virtual Console release for the week. Initially released for the Sega Genesis, the 800 Wii point ($8) game offers mahjong solitaire, where players match like tiles to remove them from the board.

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