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Phil Spencer Wants xCloud On "Every Screen"

The Xbox boss says Microsoft has bold ambitions for its game-streaming service.


Microsoft shared some big news today about its game-streaming service, xCloud, announcing that the company will bundle xCloud and Game Pass together at no extra cost. Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has shared some additional insight on his vision for xCloud.

Speaking to The Verge, Spencer said that while Microsoft will begin the xCloud launch on mobile devices, the intent is to launch xCloud on "every screen that someone can stream games to."

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"There are discussions going on and we're working through things," Spencer teased.

xCloud will launch publicly in September, though a list of supported regions has not been confirmed yet. Spencer also confirmed that xCloud is only a working title. "This isn't the official name, but you should think about it as Game Pass streaming or Xbox streaming, something like that," he said. "We actually don't have the final name just yet, but it won't be Project xCloud."

Overall, Spencer said Microsoft's goal with xCloud is to make it as simple to use as similar streaming offerings for music and video entertainment. "We want that trial to be as easy as it is in music and video today, where I can send you a track in Spotify today and you can stream it instantly," Spencer said. "Over time, anywhere I see a game I should be able to give it a try."

Microsoft is pushing so hard on streaming because the console market has a cap--there is a limit on the number of people who can or want to play games on a dedicated gaming system. Pushing beyond consoles will allow Microsoft to make a play at the 2 billion gamers in the world instead of the 200 million market for consoles, Spencer has said.

At the same time, Microsoft remains committed to release new hardware--the company is launching the Series X and a rumored digital-only Xbox later this year. Microsoft is also beginning to develop the next Xbox after Series X.

For more on Xbox Game Pass and xCloud, check out GameSpot's feature, "Microsoft's Secret Weapon For Next-Gen Is Xbox Game Pass."

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