Phenomic conjuring SpellForce 2 expansion

Dragon Storm set to be released later this year; North American publisher for the game as yet unconfirmed.


When Phenomic's SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars came out earlier this year, it won accolades for its mix of real-time strategy and action role-playing, as well as a huge single-player campaign. Gamers who made it all the way through that campaign and wanted more are about to get it, as Austrian publisher JoWood Productions today announced that it will release an expansion pack to the game, Dragon Storm, "in winter 2006."

While JoWood didn't give many details about Dragon Storm, it did set up part of the story. Players will fight for control of a series of magic portals between "the shattered islands of Eo." Along the way, they will discover relics of powerful dragons of the past. Dragons presumably wind up in the game's present as well, as JoWood promised to let players experience a war waged by dragons.

A representative for Aspyr, the North American publisher of SpellForce 2, declined to comment when asked if it would be bringing Dragon Storm to domestic gamers.

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