Phasmophobia Anniversary Update Overhauls Journal

It's the spooky ghost game's one-year anniversary.


Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games celebrated the horror investigative game's one-year anniversary and announced an "anniversary update."

The most significant tweak in the update was the Journal's makeover. The Journal is an information resource in Phasmophobia, providing investigative clues, photos, ghost info, and more. Now it's a little less clunky to use: You can cross off clues on the ghost evidence page, access the pause menu in the journal, and change all settings using the journal.

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Other changes are small edits like being able to see what the ghost type was when you fail a mission and no longer getting $10 for failing a contract, instead receiving insurance depending on the difficulty setting.

Some of the fixes also include getting rid of glitches that made it easier for players to elude the ghosts. The one where you could hide your head in something to avoid detection by ghosts is gone, as well as several safe spots where ghosts cannot access players standing at higher spots. You can check out Phasmophobia's Steam page for full details on all changes.

Kinetic Games' last major update was titled Exposition and was added in August. Two new ghost types--The Goryo and Myling--became active in the game, and players could also track ghosts with a new equipment called The DOTS Projector.

Phasmophobia was a surprise hit in 2020 and won the Best Debut Game at the 2020 Game Awards. It's still going on strong in 2021, and players have a Halloween update to look forward to, as promised by Kinetic Games in the Anniversary Update notice.

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