Phantasy Star Online Version 2 pricing and release announced

Sega announces details regarding the online payment structure and ship date for its upcoming Dreamcast game.


Sega of America has announced the pay-per-play pricing and release date for its upcoming Dreamcast game Phantasy Star Online Version 2. The upgraded version of PSO will be shipped to retailers on September 11. To play the game online, users will have to pay $15 for three months of unlimited service. Naturally, the game can be played offline for free, but without online-specific features such as lobby soccer. The original Phantasy Star Online can still be played online over SegaNet at no cost.

"In order to maintain a secure, fair, and exciting online gaming environment, Phantasy Star Online Version 2 will include an online payment structure that will be easily accessible and affordable for US gamers," Sega said in an official statement.

The pay-per-play structure applies to everyone, even users who are already signed up for the SegaNet service, according to Sega of America. Pricing for the game itself has not been announced at this time, as several pricing options are still being considered.

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