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Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Having A Messy Launch Period On PC

Some players have struggled to download and run the long-anticipated MMO on PC--here's what is going wrong.


Phantasy Star Online 2 has finally released for PC in the west, eight years after its Japanese launch, but it hasn't been the smoothest experience. As reported by PC Gamer, players have been facing issues at the very first steps of getting the game going--installing it and logging in.

The game, which came to Xbox One a month ago, launched exclusively on the Windows Store for PC--and the game's official Reddit is full of complaints that the game is not working, failing to install or refusing to let players log in. Worse still, different players are getting unique error codes from one another, which makes the issue harder to pin down and address.

The game's official Twitter account is also fielding complaints, and assuring players that their complaints are being passed on to the developer.

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One Reddit user, DozyVan, has created a bugfix megathread to help players who are facing issues, which explains some of the potential fixes and workarounds--many of which are complicated by the unintuitive nature of the Windows Store, which has led to several threads asking for a Steam release.

Phantasy Star Online 2 features crossplay between PC and Xbox One--but it seems that console players are going to have an easier time accessing the game for now until some of these issues are resolved.

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