Phantasy Star Online 2 Finally Releasing In The West - E3 2019

It's about damn time.


The Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 press conference had quite a lot of big news, but few things were as surprising as an announcement involving Sega. Phantasy Star Online 2, previously exclusive to Japan, is finally launching in the West after years of waiting. It will be available on Xbox One next year.

Fans of the original Phantasy Star Online have been clamoring for an international release ever since Phantasy Star Online 2 first launched nearly seven years ago. Phantasy Star Online's story has little to do with the mainline Phantasy Star series, moving to a new planet for players to explore. As the name implies, PSO is an online multiplayer-focused variation of the fantasy RPG series. You travel between several areas, grinding through monstrous creatures and giant bosses in search of loot and coin. The original PSO is highly regarded as one of the most influential games of all time for what it did for online console play in Japan, pushing the feature in the East when no other game really was.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 launched in Japan in 2012. The game continues the original's formula of mixing futuristic tech and magic in combat, but new classes and weapon types offer far more customization. Also, like its predecessor, online multiplayer is the focus, with players able to meet in online lobbies and speak through text chat. Phantasy Star Online 2 is launching internationally in spring 2020.

Prior to E3, Microsoft said it was "going big," covering 14 first-party Xbox One titles and several third-party games. Microsoft did not disappoint, with a showcasing that covered 60 different games. Most are launching day one on Game Pass too. The company also provided a few more details for its next-gen console, Xbox Scarlett.

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