PGR3 Xbox 360 bundle headed to Canada

Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 bundle featuring PGR3, Marketplace points, three months of Xbox Live is headed north of the border--for same price as Pro pack.


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Rumors about Microsoft planning an Xbox 360 price drop spread like crazy after word got out that the PlayStation 3 would be the priciest system on the market. The way rumor mongers saw it, a slashing of the 360's price would mean Microsoft could lock up the next-gen console war with a cheaper alternative.

It never happened.

After the price-cut rumors died down, new rumors of a more-bang-for-your-buck bundle began to make the rounds. The alleged bundle included an Xbox 360 Pro pack, a copy of Project Gotham Racing 3, 1,250 Xbox Live Marketplace points, and a three-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold for the same price the current Xbox 360 Pro pack is selling for.

Further evidence came to light last week, when a Canadian retailer began accepting preorders for a PGR3 bundle. When the rumor first sprang up, the new 360 pack was scheduled to kick off on August 1.

August 1 came and went, and the rumored PGR3 Xbox 360 bundle never happened--but it will...if you live in Canada.

Microsoft reps confirmed to GameSpot that the bundle is heading north of the border sometime next week. The bundle will be selling for the same price as the Pro pack (CAD$499.99), and according to online retailer Future Shop, will begin shipping August 9.

Canada may not only be the place to go for cheaper prescription drugs and Molson XXX beer, it may be the only place to pick up this bundle. Microsoft says it currently has no plans to release the PGR3 bundle stateside. "This is a Canadian-only bundle, so speculation about a US version will not be realized."

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Where can i find it? Is it only in Best Buy, Future Shop, Wal-mart and Eb Games?? or can i find it like Zellers and other places?? Actually has anyone bought it at Zellers??

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how much is ps3 (60GB) in CANADA plux tax??? anybody knows??

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i'll just hold on till a real price drop

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It's funny to watch the trolls and fanboi's spewing nonsense. The only thing that will make me laugh more is when those same people explain why the PS2 outsells the PS3 when it's released.

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fully agree LaP. the difference in canada and US dollar is slimmer and slimmer

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price down cmon...

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I want a price drop

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Someone needs to tell microsoft that canadian dollar now worth around 0.85$ US. So a 399 premium xbox 360 package should be around 470$ and not 499$.

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MBA77, you got the mexican price wrong. Walmart sells this bundled version at $5,500 pesos which equals $504.59 US dollars at today's rate, and includes Project Gotham, the media remote and tax.

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more proof that canada owns

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Right, 100$ less then the PS3 for the same dead crap console that been out for a year already and that's NOT expensive....People make no sense.

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There are a couple reasons they would do this in Canada. First support for the original xbox vs ps2 was always stronger in Canada then in the US. In Canada there was an exclusive bundles before for the Xbox bundled with Halo and Amped. The Xbox 360 and PS3 prices are a little bit closer for Canadians then they are state side because of the currently strong Canadian dollar. Xbox 360 is 399 and 499 and ps3 is supposed to be 549 and 659, so this may be a move to stop Canadians looking at a premium 360 and budget ps3 to go with the 360 as it will have a game included. PG3 is probably being bundled because it is the best selling first party (they own all rights to it) game in the states and it won't cost Microsoft more then the price of packaging and disc to bundle it. If they were to go with COD2 they would have to give Activision money for every bundle sold.

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You know Sony fanboys must love Microsoft because i always find them looking at stuff for the xbox. I guess its because theres no information on the soon to be dead PS3.

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For $499CAN

Avatar image for rocketman123

I just ordered it online!:D

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Well, i'm going to get a xbox360 next year when M$ release their updated 360 with a 65nm cpu. It will run cooler and be more silent. As for the PS3, I don't know... I just want a 360 for Halo 3 next year... What if there were a Halo3 bundle with the "updated" 360??? Oh the joy of bliss :)

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funny as hell!!!!!: skeletor0 said: ''KomboBreaker, bless your soul. Such a good question. Canadian systems are neither PAL nor NTSC. It's good you brought this up. Canadian systems run on a television standard known as MAPLESYRUP. They don't use TVs, either. The way it works is you hook the audio to a dead beaver. The video doesn't have any hookups; instead an old-timer reads the instructions over and over while you "play" the game. This works pretty well, unless you are part of the seventy-four percent of the population without electricity.'

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e_boulanger "But no, Microsoft has only ONLINE games, FPS and Racing games in their mind. Nothing to attract more gamers to its console." Microsoft doesn't need bedroom trolls like yourself.

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this better not mean that we dont get a price cut and instead get this bundle.... that would suck

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well, when ps3 isnt out yet, probably wont be out this year, the PS supporters can only come to xbox360 section to water.

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Don't get so upset about the "bundles" coming out. Every system does this the following year after release. And all regions will have this eventually. Keep up the great job MS! (Now back to Oblivion). Oh yeah, if MS wasn't doing well, they'd be out of business by now, wouldn't they? Besides, MS, Sony, nor Nintendo are going to share their profits with us gamers anyway, just be content when they put out a title that YOU like to play. All this system "bashing" is absurd since people are going to buy what they like anyway. I for one am going to own ALL three because that's what TRUE gamers do!

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good news for the canadians

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And who is the person that gives the US all of their water? Canada. Who is the country that is $3 Trillion in debt? The US. Like the post below me, do your homework before you post, child.

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skeletor0 said: ''KomboBreaker, bless your soul. Such a good question. Canadian systems are neither PAL nor NTSC. It's good you brought this up. Canadian systems run on a television standard known as MAPLESYRUP. They don't use TVs, either. The way it works is you hook the audio to a dead beaver. The video doesn't have any hookups; instead an old-timer reads the instructions over and over while you "play" the game. This works pretty well, unless you are part of the seventy-four percent of the population without electricity.'' You must be kidding right?? Canada is one of the biggest producer, if not the biggest producer of hydro electricity in the world. Instead of polluting the air with nuclear centrals like you do in the US, we use water to produce electricity. When there won't be any petrol left on the earth, you will come beging for our water. Next time, do your homeworks before talking, kid.

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Yes canada only nice for me!!! so if this playstation thing dosent work out for meh i can get a bundle 360!

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wow this is perfect im gunna have enough money for 360 next week and i live right near the border so ill go up to wal mart sunday ah i cant wait

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They should throw a Hockey stick and puck in with the bundle.

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why dont they package COD 2 with it rather than putting pgr 3. it would a sweet deal.

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well considering there are more xbox users in Canada and we use the most internet in the world. it seems like the right thing to do.

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Finally a good reason to for me to buy a 360

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in mexico, the xbox 360 pro version $600USD in Wal-mart. Low Prices, Always

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why canada, eh?

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only in canada

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Yeah, I work at bestbuy and we have had them for a good 4-5 days now for sale. (canada of course). good deal though

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This is code for: the 360 isn't selling well in Canada.

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It would be pretty bad business sense to not release this bundle worldwide. Everyone wants a price drop but with this alternative they can get rid of old PGR3 stock and add a few cheap marketplace points to make you happy. Plus, us Europeans deserve this as our prices are worse than Canadas.

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where is europe's bundles and stuff, with current currency exchange in the UK we're paying USD $550 and compared to canada CAD $625. And then for games at R.R.P we're paying USD $95. where's our bundle!!!

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oh no! canada pays $50 more, let's give them a bundle I live in europe and an xbox360 premium costs 399.99 EUR, that is $ 515 and, correct, that is $ 115 more !!!!

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are u joking? we dont have to pay 50 bucks more, depends on how much our dollar is worth. im sooo fukin pumped for ps3!!!!

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GTA420 "Xbox is doing great and it will continue to do well." They'll do better when they actually have games worth talking about. If they bought out developers, Microsoft will be in the lead. Will they do that? No. They'll instead milk us every month through XBL or add-on's. It's funny how all they have right now is XBL Arcade when they should be launching games of tomorrow instead of re-releasing games of yesturday. Thats ok. Maybe they're comfortable being in 2nd or wait maybe this time they'll be 3rd. But either way a current-gen console, the PS2, is still out selling the next-gen Xbox 360. So maybe their not doing so hot after all.

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go canada, this rocks!

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No clue as to how long they'll last, but we've had them at the Best Buy I work at for about a week or so now. We only got in a few of them, and I think they're gone, but I can vouch for them being here in Canada.

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Well at least now Canadians are breaking even with Americans. Before we had to pay 50 bucks more than american for the 360, what a rip off. It's an even bigger scam with the core bundle which all the stores bought knowing they could sell hard drives to us poor suckers who couldnt wait for premium

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Xbox is doing great and it will continue to do well.

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I... AM... CANADIAN!!! ya, im getting a 360 next month but does anyone know how long this will last?

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I thought the ps3 was $600US for the premium version? anyway that would only be another 50 bucks or so. still really high for playstation. and darkdraggin, you shouldn't say ignorant things like that.

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why oh why do they always package sports games in with these bundles. How about packing in oh I don't know...CoD2 or Dead rising.

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399 us = 446 cad, with less tax...