PGR3 dated, detailed

Microsoft's Xbox 360 racer is hitting the road at the end of the year; GothamTV lets gamers watch drivers through live feeds.


One of the games leading the barrage of announced Xbox 360 titles is Bizarre Creations' Project Gotham Racing 3, the sequel to 2003's popular Project Gotham Racing 2. Today, Microsoft Game Studios announced that the game will be available this holiday season, pegging it as one of the "25 to 40" games available for the Xbox 360 during the console's launch window.

Microsoft Game Studios also unveiled some details about the game, and it looks like it won't stray too far from the road paved by its predecessors. The "kudos" system returns in PGR3, rewarding drivers not only for finishing first, but also for driving with style. Powerslides, 360s, and two-wheeling are all given kudos points, which boost gamers' rankings.

There will be 80 cars featured in the game, from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Dodge, and Lamborghini. In addition to shiny exteriors, each car will have detailed interiors, complete with fully functioning dashboards. The real-world racing locations include New York City and Tokyo.

New to the game this year is GothamTV. This function will let gamers from around the world stay connected to the PGR3 community. In addition to competing with anyone online and receiving ticker-tape-style updates when their friends break their records, gamers will be able to watch other players through live feeds. It appears this is the first confirmation of the Xbox 360's "spectator" mode in a game, which was much hyped by Microsoft during its pre-E3 conference.

For more information on the game, race over to GameSpot's previous coverage, or check out the game's trailer by following the link below.

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