Petitioning for Grandia

Saturn fans in the US have started a petition to convince Sega that Game Arts' RPG Grandia is worth translating.


There is still hope for Sega fans who want to play Grandia in English. A petition has recently been posted to LunarNET, an RPG site that is just getting off the ground. This morning, the petition had 132 entries, with more coming in by the minute. Sega of America has not yet officially commented on whether or not it is releasing Grandia for the Saturn in 1998. If its handling of Shining Force III is any indication, it's a good guess that the company isn't considering it.

Grandia has become a focal point for concern directed at Sega of America. In the past, the company has said it wants to please its fan base through '97 and '98 by releasing good games and not trying to expand its user base. This fan base is extremely loyal, and many think that since Japan is still getting Saturn games, the US should be too. Grandia and Shining Force III are just two examples, but other games are certain to come under scrutiny in the coming months, including the long-awaited Sega Ages: Phantasy Star Collection.

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